About IdeaCan

IdeaCan is a management consultancy firm that guides companies in embracing a circular economy by developing a future-proof strategy to create sustainability in growing economic value. IdeaCan is here to give you the tools and expertise to generate your own idea’s based on our unique framework. We believe that you know your line of business the best, so let’s combine your knowledge with our expertise to help your company live up to it’s full potential.

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How to grow together

We always start at your desires. Together we will learn what kind of company you want to be. Only then can we truly see what you need to become who you want to be. There is no right or wrong in this case; we would merely like to show you what you have to gain. We don’t claim to know how every business should be infinitely profitable. But we do claim to help you find that knowledge within your own company. IdeaCan is here to help you excel from idea’s you didn’t even know you had.

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Our Industries

If you are interested to know if IdeaCan operates in your branch, you won’t find the answer here. We’ll do you one better. IdeaCan doesn’t believe in branches. We won’t be restricted by preset terms and conditions that we don’t think apply at all. And you shouldn't either, please let us explain you why.

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Business model innovation

Make the move to the circular economy

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Startup to last

Build new ventures with mentality

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Create more economic, social and environmental values

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