Audit Services

Think Global, Act Local.

IdeaCan has selected trusted partners to provide the best service necessary for driving the opportunities presented by the new economy. We prefer to work with them because we have your best interest at heart. We trust these partners because they put your organisational success first. You will face new challenges when you progress to the new economy. IdeaCan has hand selected the right partners that will support you the best on the financial and legal area’s.

Financial services
Whether yours is a new or a mature business, ensuring that you have the necessary financials is essential for achieving your objectives. Whether it is financing a product service system, a new innovative project or an investment in the circular economy. Successful businesses make it their business to continuously seek growth by exploring new markets. IdeaCan understands the challenges you face when starting a new business or when you need to get the right funding. It’s important to have the right partner in growth. IdeaCan will select the right experts to offer you  hands-on support. Services range from basic administrative and corporate support to dedicated guidance and financial support on strategy, innovation and the circular economy.

Tax Advice
You can avoid the risk of surprises when you know the local rules, including all the pitfalls, rates and periods you need to take into account. Together we can advise you on the relevant tax system for example. What do you need to take into account, what is eligible for subsidy, where do environmental requirements apply, who deals with what? IdeaCan will select the right expert to give you the best tax advice on innovation and the circular economy.

Legal Advice
IdeaCan assist in taking measures to prevent drawn-out conflicts or financial damage. If you want to progress into the new economy you will face different, sometimes not even existing rules. When your organisation wants to digitize or if you want a circular business model you will meet legal boundaries. In terms of the environment, privacy and spatial planning you will need to find your way through the myriad of rules and procedures of a local, regional or national government. These are complicated matters that require thought and consideration and where we will provide you with support to make your goals possible.