Business Strategy

Make it to the top

Strategy formulation and strategy realization.
In today’s fast-changing world organizations have questions about identity, positioning, and the direction they have to choose. IdeaCan supports organisations in the development of a clear strategy and the translation of strategic choices in concrete tactic actions in order to enhance operational effectiveness to engage with an unknown future. IdeaCan helps organisations to reach excellence in their industry. We do this at corporate level (portfolio management), business unit level and product level. Strategic management begins with setting the strategic goal of the organization, derived from the company’s ambitions. IdeaCan helps to shape this ambition, looking at the strength of the organization, innovation intent and values. We link explicitly to a culture of experimentation and empowerment. The added value of our approach lies in combining business processes and strategic competence with  existing creativity and knowledge within the company. IdeaCan has developed unique methods that help organisations who have the guts  to challenge the status quo and want to be the best in their industry by creating an inclusive sustainable business model.