Business model innovation

Make the move to the circular economy

Business model innovation is changing how to do business, rather than what to do. Business model innovation goes further than just product, processes or technological innovation. Business model innovation is about how a organisation is unlocking her potential value. The same product through different business models will yield different market outcomes, and will add opportunities to provide more value to current or new customers. For example a lesser product with a great business model has more chance of success than the other way around; an amazing product with a lesser business model. Business model innovation is a valuable way to bring new business opportunities and to achieve more value for customers.
Many companies still don't know what the intended business model for their company should be. It took Nespresso for example 10 years to get their business model right. Business model innovation is challenging and can conflict with your existing business model. IdeaCan helps your organisation successfully innovate your business model. We do this in a sustainable way.

We define sustainable business model innovation as a business model that provides competitive advantage through superior customer value and contributes to the development of economic, social and environmental values as well. The foundation of a sustainable business is to add social, environmental and economic values to just the increase of customer value. IdeaCan helps your organisation by forming a sustainable business model by looking at different forms of value that your organisation hasn't activated yet. Our approach will ensure that your organisation delivers maximum value with your products and services while increasing economic, environmental and social values in the process.

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