Our History

Keeping is losing, losing is Renewing.

IdeaCan has been founded by creatives with a fountain of sparkling ideas and associative lateral thinking abilities with the urge to help companies create creative solutions for their problems. IdeaCan is a platform for people who want to collaborate on generating or further developing solutions for clients. By using ideation techniques and socratic debate as part of the framework. IdeaCan believes that when people are open to change, they are open to do more. If you are open to change, you will encounter more  opportunities to follow your heart. When you are pushed out of your comfort zone, your opinions, mindset and belief systems are tested and possibly radical changed. But it has the counterintuitive fact; you will survive and grow stronger.

IdeaCan believes that ideas are new combinations. We combine imagination with different perspectives such as from [contemporary] art, service and design thinking, brand and identity, learning from nature (biomimicry), (digital) technology trends and craftsmanship. We developed a method that incorporates these factors and utilizes it as a compass for inspiration and the discovery of shared values within the organisation. We learned that with this approach organisations find new ways to articulate who they are and what they believe in and how to achieve what they want to accomplish. We have experience in creating concepts and stimulating creativity within an organisation that leads to an innovation strategy, fueled by a startup culture and feasible and viable ideas.