Our Startup Services

Build a startup to last

IdeaCan assists organisations in starting new ventures, addressing new markets and finding unmet demand by innovating production methods, the business model structure, business model infrastructure and reimagining business systems. We help shape your value proposition to create the best possible product market fit, so that your idea or venture is ready for the future.
Sometimes it takes major changes, sometime only small tweaks to existing processes, products or interactions with your customers.  We rely not only on creative individuals and their central position. We create innovation to scale by also focussing on processes. However, processes are replicable and scalable; creative individuals are not.

IdeaCan can support you in two ways
The first way is to assist passionate entrepreneurs develop their idea’s. When you need help from the ground up, IdeaCan becomes a stakeholder and helps build your team from concept to startup.
The second way is to create a market fit for new products. Does your current organisation need new 'fast'? innovative products like a startup. We will give you the tools to create the best idea’s within your organisation and support the process all the way to a new product market fit.

If you would like IdeaCan to help you convert your idea’s into startups then click the button below to get in touch.