Nothing exist that touches Nothing.

Everything is connected to everything. Humans share 50% of their genes with a banana. Insects that pollinate crops are dying at an alarming rate. Consequences for humans are large: if these insects die completely, it will be a disaster for the world’s food supply. This are clear examples how we depend on nature and all species are connected through our evolutionary history to single common ancestor and how we are all interdependent. As the world’s greatest biologist, E. O. Wilson, warns “We are tearing down the biosphere.” We as people overestimate our role in the whole process. It is in our best interest to take nature into account in everything we do. We can not live without what nature, the environment and the earth offers us. To be clear, we aren’t  environmental activists, we just reflect on the downsides of the current ‘linear economic system’ and we believe there are too many. We believe we can do better, even profitwise, if we take sustainability into serious account.

The most heard example is that sustainability costs money. IdeaCan does not agree with that. We believe that sustainability can lead to profits and win-win results for both planet, man and company. Sustainable business models offer major benefits to both planet and company. We believe that in this time, change is not only necessary from an environmental perspective, but especially from a business perspective, because we believe that the linear economy does not have a future anymore. Companies will miss huge profit opportunities by missing revenue from, for example, the sustainable use of materials and waste. Maintaining a linear economy,   further disrupts the balance between human and planet. Indirectly, this will lead to an even bigger cost for people and the environment. Change is necessary for the survival of company and planet. Companies disregarding the environment will be marginalized by the circular enterprising companies, even if it’s purely by ignoring profit opportunities.