Startup to last

Build new ventures with mentality

IdeaCan loves startups and we are passionate about supporting the startup ecosystem. We strongly believe that startups can disrupt our economy and become influential businesses. But not all startups succeed, better yet; most of them don’t. We want to give your startup the fighting chance it deserves. We want to help build your startup to last.
Through our experience consulting all kinds of organizations we are able to create a new startup or venture. We’ve had our own experiences in the past with startups, but now we want to help others. If you need any help with starting your venture we would love to hear from you.  

We work lean and learn quick. We like to think big and act fast. We are open to organizations who want to build complete new ventures. We also welcome passionate entrepreneurs who need guidance in expanding their startup. Even if they want to create a startup in a market otherwise dominated by big businesses only.
We believe in working ‘inter-cross sectoral’ with multiple expertises, whereby our strength lies in the business aspect of building a startup and creating new market opportunities. By connecting multidisciplinair expertises you get the greatest chance of success. These can be purely your own disciplinaries, but IdeaCan can also complement your disciplinaries with those of organisations within our network. IdeaCan has the right network to take startup idea’s to the new level within a short window of time.

IdeaCan assists organisations in starting new ventures, addressing new markets and finding unmet demand by innovating production methods, the business model structure, business model infrastructure and reimagining business systems. We help shape your value proposition to create the best possible product market fit, so that your idea or venture is ready for the future. 
Sometimes it takes major changes, sometime only small tweaks to existing processes, products or interactions with your customers.  We rely not only on creative individuals and their central position. We create innovation to scale by also focussing on processes. However, processes are replicable and scalable; creative individuals are not.
You can hire IdeaCan in a variety of ways.

If you are interested in how IdeaCan would help you build a startup to last please click the button below for more information or feel free to contact us.

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