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Meet the needs of all within the means of the planet.

Every company knows what branch they are in. They know this because it helps them understand who their customers are and what they want or wish for. Usefull. But it isn’t enough. Your branch alone does not define what your customers want. Your customers could have wishes or traits that link with other branches. Merely applying our framework within a preconditioned set of targets would limit its ability to make your company live up to its full potential. That's why we at Ideacan don’t think in terms of branches. We only think in terms of added value for customer through a cross sectoral and interdisciplinary corporate chain integration vision.

System innovations lead to systemic changes in both social (values, regulations, attitudes etc.) and technical (infrastructure, technology, tools, production processes etc) dimensions and, most importantly, in the relations between them. System innovation may include elements or combinations of all types of innovations (product, process, marketing, organisational or social) and are, by definition, developed and implemented by many actors.
We guide you in the process of creating these ideal circumstances. We help you manoeuvre between the reefs and hurdles. We assist in building bridges between in- and external stakeholders and factors within or outside the sector or domain where your organization is active. We provide solutions to ensure that all processes, products, and manufacturing activities adequately address the triple bottom line; social, environmental and economic value.

Our consultants and chosen partners are open minded and capable to combine complex and disparate factors. We think and work cross sectoral and interdisciplinary.
Our corporate chain integration vision is based on synergy created by an exchange of expertise and know-how through dialogue. This means it is not a one way feed of information. Nor does it consist of a top down or bottom up approach. It is a interconnected dialogue between equals. Only then can real synergy emerge that strengthens the core of your business model. This is what Ideacan stands for.

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